How to order:

Contact me via Facebook fan page, phone, email or website. Please provide description of what you want/idea/inspirations, design(s), color(s), amount. Orders are on a first come first serve basis.

After placing order and after initial contact a cookie/cake contract will be sent. Please sign and return via email or mail along with a 50% deposit (if made thru pay-pal $3 charge is added).

After I receive the contract and deposit you are now in the “cookie/cake book” and your order has officially been placed!

***Please note any orders not picked up at my place of business will be charged an additional delivery fee…$20/cookies $35/cake

Cookie Orders:

What are your flavors offered? Cookie flavor is a vanilla butter sugar cookie- can substitute almond extract in place of vanilla.

How much do personalized cookies cost?

  • Mini (1in)$1.00/each, Medium (2-3in) $2.50-3.50/each (based on design), Large (5in) $5.00/ea

  • 1-2 Colors start at $2.50/ea, 3+colors are $3-$3.50/ea, Detailed cookies regardless of colors are $3-$3.50/ea (detailed examples: character cookies, script cookies….)

  • Rush orders with 7 days or less notice increased cookie price by $1/ea

All cookies are placed in individual heat-sealed clear bags (minis wrapped in sets of 3) with transport box included in price. ***if you would like cookies in bag wrapped in coordinating ribbon instead of heat-sealed it is an additional $5.00 per 2 dozen cookies.

What are Party Platters? Party platters are an assortment of different sized and designed cookies. All you have to do is provide me with a theme and I will design the cookies (priced per dozen based on above cost breakdown)

How long do cookies keep? All cookies are made to order, decorated and packaged. Local orders are at there best up to 4 weeks from pickup/delivery date and can be frozen up to 6 weeks. Shipped cookies are at there best for up to 3 weeks at room temperature upon arrival or frozen up to 5 weeks.

Cake Orders:

Flavors offered

  • Cake: Yellow Butter cake, Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake

  • Frostings: Swiss Meringue Buttercream with choice of Vanilla or Almond Extract

  • Fillings: Basic-Swiss Buttercream, Specialties- Nutella Buttercream, Strawberry, Egg-free Cookie Dough, Chocolate Buttercream

What kind of cake are you currently offering? As of right now I am only available for 1-tier multi-layered cakes. Will update site when offering 2+tiers.

How much do personalized cakes cost?

9×13 half sheet, 23-28 servings, starting price $65  (2-layered only)

6″round, 12-14 servings, starting price $52

8″round, 20-24 servings, starting price $65

9″round, 24-28 servings, starting price $78

10″round, 30-35 servings, starting price $91

10″square, 42-47 servings, starting price $108

*other sizes available upon request

Starting Cake price includes: choice of cake, basic frosting and filling (Vanilla or Almond Swiss Buttercream)

Add on’s include but not limited to: Chocolate Ganache $10, Fondant $10, Fondant impression $15, Modeling Chocolate/Fondant/Cookie embellishments $5-10/ea, Specialty filling $10, Buttercream flowers: $10/for entire top of cake, $5 for half flower cluster on top of cake (all flower cakes prices include 3 colors of flowers) additional $5 per colors added for flowers

Delivery $35(DFW)

How are my prices decided?

  • The cost of your ingredients and other expenses

  • What other local bakers/bakeries charge.

  • Time. Cookies and Cakes are works of are and require much time making prepping.


5 thoughts on “Pricing/Ordering”

  1. Shelly
    I want to see about ordering some cookies for
    My daughter Lauren’s 30th birthday.
    I saw some cute 30th cookies you had on FB.
    I would need for Aug 15. Let me know what 2 doz
    Would cost

  2. Hi Shelley,

    I need a cake and cookies made again for Thomas’ 4th birthday. His party is September 26th. What’s your email address so that I can send you files on what his invitations look like to match? If you want to email me back directly it’s


  3. Hey girl. It’s Rachel#51994.. I’d love you to make Harry Potter cookies for April 14th for my daughter’s 17th bday party. Maybe 2 dozen or so. Thanks. Can’t wait to hear your ideas.

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